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Chibchasoul is a dream I had for years and years... I think everything started with Vicky, my grandma... we weren't super close but I always saw her with her fibers, she is a pro in crochet, macrame, sewing and everything you can possibly think fibers related! She was definitely my inspiration... but for a long time I was scared of doing it, starting your own business is scary! everything is on your hands now... it has been a roller coaster of emotions, and I don't regret it, not even for a second! Macrame and painting takes me to a meditative state, this is who I am, who I've always been.

Now that you know what this means to me I want to thank you, thanks for being here, thanks for supporting my dream and thanks for shopping small.


Lina Mejia

Nature lover, big dreamer super brave and very enthusiastic. Gardening, yoga practicing, hiking, swimming and biking are my favorite hobbies. Creative and calm, I'm the artist behind all the fibers and paint, a very good and proud plant mom, I enjoy jazz, a good glass of wine and getting lost in my creations.


Alejandro Suarez

Wild, cheerful and full of energy. Music (he plays the guitar for Diente x Diente, go check out his band!), sports and wood work are his favorite hobbies. His support for Chibchasoul is invaluable, he's the head behind the logistic and wood work, always comes up with great ideas! Thank you Alejandro, your endless care and love make this small business grow every day, without you Chibchasoul would not be the same!

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